Online Resources

Doing History - Using Sources

Making Sense of Evidence: Strategies for analyzing diferent types of primary sources (oral history, photographs, songs, advertisements, diaries)

Teaching With Documents: The National Archives' collection of lesson plans based around sets of primary documents, organized by period of U.S. history. Includes "analysis worksheets" on different types of sources: cartoons, artifacts, maps, sound, etc.

U.S. Census information, 1790-1960

Historic Maps in K-12 Classrooms : six units covering different themes and periods of U.S. history

Distribution of surnames in the U.S., since 1850 (see also Prof. Kriste Lindenmeyer's guide for students)

Teaching with Historic Places: National Register of Historic Places' lesson plans centered on various historic sites. Search by state, theme, or period.

The Historian's Sources: Library of Congress lesson plan on introducing primary sources

Primary Source Activities developed by teachers participating in the History Works TAH program in Ohio

Do History: Shows how historians use primary documents, through the example of the diary of 18th-century midwife Martha Ballard, and related sources