About Project Staff

Bruce Reinholdt, Public Historian

Trained initially as a history teacher, Bruce developed an interest in using museums and their resources to teach history. Now he brings to his position with History Is Central more than 30 years of working with teachers in history museums, including experience developing curriculum materials, educational programs and professional training. 

Elizabeth Rose, Project Director

A historian of women, families, and social policy, Elizabeth is the author of A Mother's Job: The History of Day Care and is completing a book on the evolution of preschool policy, from the creation of Head Start in 1965 to the present. In her position with the Hartford Studies Project at Trinity College, she was involved in three Teaching American History grants with the Hartford Public Schools. Elizabeth serves as project director for History Is Central, and is webmistress for this site.

John Tully, Academic Director

A historian with interests in foreign policy, modern America, and modern Ireland, John is assistant professor of history and Social Studies Coordinator at CCSU. He has coordinated three Teaching American History grants in Ohio and worked with the Ohio Humanities Council on coordinating grants across the state. John serves as the overall supervisor for the History Is Central project.