Additional Resources
Click on the links below to download (in Word) lists of additional resources 
for each of our events, and Powerpoint presentations when available:

September 06 workshop with Eric Foner on the idea of freedom

October 06 workshop with Kevin Boyle on civil rights in northern cities

November 06 workshop on immigration
( Lassonde Powerpoint, Rose Powerpoint)

December 06 book circle on teaching with film

February 07 book circle on teaching the Holocaust

March 07 workshop on slavery in New England

April 07 workshop on industrialization in CT

May 07 book circle on Vietnam

May 07 workshop on sports and leisure(Powerpoint)

October 07 workshop on music

November 07 workshop
on art

December 07 book circle on U.S. in Japan

February 08 workshop on civil liberties in wartime

February 08 book circle on patriotism

March 08 workshop on schooling and civil rights (Powerpoint)

October 08 book circle on voting rights

November 08 book circle on race in northern cities in the 1920s

February 09 workshop on the modern women's movement

March 09 workshop
on the antiwar movement